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D-Link DEM-311GT 1000Base-SX Mini GBIC Gigabit Ethernet Module (DEM-311GT)

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1000BaseSX SFP(Mini-GBIC) Module
Product OverviewSwitch D-Link DEM-311GT
Gigabit SFP Transceivers01
D-Link Gigabit SFP Transceivers plug into Gigabit and Fast Ethernet switches via their GBIC slots. They allow for the expansion of Gigabit Ethernet networks by providing high-speed connections over a fiber-optic or twisted-pair cable. The fiber-optic transceivers have standard duplex LC connectors to provide maximum compatibility. They are hot pluggable and Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) compliant with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) specification.
Small Form Pluggable (SFP) Package02
The Gigabit SFP Transceivers use the Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) design. They provide the necessary signal amplification for data to be transmitted to the network cable from the port, and vice versa. The SFP form factor is advantageous because it is smaller than other form factors such as Xenpak, X2, and 10G XFP, ensuring lower costs, lower power disruption, and higher port density.
Multiple Applications03
Applications of the DEM-300 Series fiber transceivers include distributed multi-processing, Gigabit switch cascading, high-speed I/O file transfer, bus extension application, and channel extender/data storage. This versatility is invaluable for an expanding network, and helps the infrastructure grow with the business.
Hot Pluggable04
All D-Link transceivers are hot pluggable. You can connect a transceiver while the system is powered on without causing any issues, and easily swap one for another without having to reboot the switch each time. This permits modules to be added or removed without interrupting the network, facilitating maintenance and greatly reducing downtime.
Product Highlights05
Covers Vast Distances 
Support for maximum cable lengths of between 550 meters and 80 kilometers1 is ideal for businesses spanning multiple premises 

High Performance 
Full duplex Gigabit data transfer rates provide the network transmission speeds that business environments demand 

Hot Pluggable 
Easily switch out transceivers while the power is on, facilitating network maintenance and minimizing downtime
Product SpecificationSwitch D-Link DEM-311GT
Material Type
Additional Features
Small Form factor Pluggable (SFP)
Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) specification compliant
IEEE 802.3z standard
Supports cable distances of up to 100 m / 550 m / 2 km / 10 km / 40 km / 50 km / 80km
Hot pluggable
FDA, CDRH, TUV Laser Eye safety certified
TTL signal detect indicator
Metal enclosure for lower EMI
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