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OFFICIAL LICENSED Rastar Audi TTS Ride On Electric Car Toy 1:4 Scale Model with 2.4G Remote Radio Control, Powerful 12V x2 Motors (speeds) version, up to 1.5h running RC Ride-On-Toy Car Floor Model, White (RS-82500-WHITE)

Stylish roadster Audi TTS electric 12V car with radio remote control. High-quality scale copy of the Audi TTS. This classy car is an absolute imitation of the real Audi TTS. Much attention to detail: plexiglas windshield, mirrors, steering wheel, chrome wheels, realistic dashboard illuminated thresholds, open doors, the ignition key, button on and turn-off, a comfortable chair, inflatable rubber wheels. Front and rear shock absorbers, smooth electric ride. Driven by pressing the foot pedal, all as in the real car, equipped with two-speed forward and one back. For the safety of young driver car can be controlled remotely via radio control: forward-backward, left-right. Maximum speed ~6 km/h. Two speeds: S1~2-3Km/h; S2~3-4Km/h. There is an input for mobile phone and MP3, there is radio, the ability to listen via the AUX input, slot for memory card.
Product OverviewToy Rastar RS-82500-WHITE
Rastar Audi TTS Roadster01
-Licensed by Audi
-Switch Start on the dashboard.
-The steering wheel buttons makes horns sound.
-Seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote option.
-Working lights - The front and rear lights working lights.
-Suitable age range - 3-8 years (or younger with full parental supervision).
-Run time - Up to 90 Minutes 
-Maximum speed - Approx 5km/h

Remote Control Functions (2.4G Remote):
Forward and Reverse
Turn Left and Right
10M Range
Rastar Audi TTS Roadster02
Start teaching your kids the rules of the road with this officially licensed Audi TTS Roadster

This electric powered car is able to be driven manually by your children or it can be remote controlled by an adult to give your child a fun ride. The vehicle has a working horn, flashing front lights, realistic engine sounds, and a key that makes your children feel like they are driving a real car. This car is able to go forward or reverse at speeds up to 5kmph. In case your youngster likes to go fast it comes with an adjustable seatbelt for added safety. 

Let your child learn how to drive in style with this luxury Audi TTS Roadster ride along car. 
Rastar Audi TTS Roadster03
Rastar Audi TTS Roadster04
Rastar Audi TTS Roadster05
Product SpecificationToy Rastar RS-82500-WHITE
Rastar Audi TTS Ride on 12V Car Toys
Type Of Control
Remote Control
Type Mover
Scale Models
Additional Features
Speed: D1: 2-3 km/h; D2: 3-4 km/h
Radio control/Battery operated Mode
Keyless Start, LED headlight,Taillight,Turning light
Dashboard panel with light
1pcs Lead-Acid Rechargeable battery for car is included
Forward,Reverse,Turn left/right,Stop button
IC option,10 kids songs or engine sound (1 selection)
2 speeds for BO function
Size Toy
Warranty Period
Packing Weight
Packing Width
Packing Depth
Packing Height
Package Type
Customer Reviews
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Other ProductsToy Rastar RS-82500-WHITE

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