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2x Ford Transit Voraus (FO-RK-60)

Remote Key Shell for Ford BA/BF/SX/SY/TX/TS/Ghia Falcon Central Locking Remote Key Pad
Product OverviewAccessory Voraus FO-RK-60
FORD Car Remote01
Keypad is a Complete Unit is Ready to be Programmed and Used Straight Away. 

Program Instructions:

1. Sit in the car with your keys and remotes ready

2. Close the driver side door

3. In less than 10 seconds of closing the door, insert the key into the ignition and turn the key to the first click (accessories position) which will turn on the radio

4. In less than 3 seconds of turning the key, press the rear demist button 3 times

5. If done correctly, the door locks will cycle. If the door locks do not cycle, start the process again and try completing the steps faster or slower.

6. Once in learn mode all existing remotes will be deleted from the cars memory. Click any button on the remote until you hear the door locks cycle. Once the locks cycle this confirms the remote has been accepted into the cars memory

7. Repeat the last step for each remote (if you have more than one)

8. Remove the key and step out of the car and test each button on the remote is performing its proper function

Product SpecificationAccessory Voraus FO-RK-60
Material Type
Additional Features
Lightweight and pocket size
High quality, durable, easy install
Best replace for the worn or broken key case
Strong and durable case
Product Size
2002-2006 Ford Transit
Product DescriptionAccessory Voraus FO-RK-60
Key shell was made of ABS material, the surface with high hardness, plastic parts are assembled without gaps,which is connected by split line and looks very perfect.
New style Ford  remote key 434 Mhz or 315MHz 
Brand Name: VORAUS
Remote control distance : 5 meters
Frequency:  434 Mhz or 315MHz
 Good chemical resistance, heat and corrosion resistance and impact strength.
There is no any flash burr on the cover, the surface is very flat and nice.
Produced by high-precision milling machine and the size is very precise. No recycle material


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