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APC AP8953 Rack PDU 2G Switched ZeroU 32A 230V (21) C13 & (3) C19 (AP8953)

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APC Switched Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) enable advanced, user-customizable power control and active monitoring. Remote outlet level controls allow power on/off functionality for power recycling to remotely reboot equipment and restrict unauthorized use of individual outlets. Power sequencing delays allow users to define the order in which to power up or down attached equipment. Avoid circuit overload during power recovery and extend uptime of critical equipment by prioritizing the load shedding. Current metering provides real-time remote monitoring of connected loads. Switched Rack PDUs include real power monitoring, a temperature/humidity sensor port, locking IEC receptacles, and low profile circuit breakers. User-defined alarms warn of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failures occur.
Product OverviewRack Power Distribution APC AP8953
Single input power source01
Supply power from one branch whip to multiple pieces of equipment, conveniently powering rack-mount equipment. Saves time and money during installation by using one branch whip and standard connections.
Includes horizontal, vertical, and toolless-mount varieties. Puts power where it is needed most - in the racks near the equipment.
Remote Individual Outlet Control03
Remotely manage outlets so users can turn outlets off that are not in use (prevent overloads) or recycle power to locked-up equipment (minimize costly downtime and avoid travel time to equipment).
Product SpecificationRack Power Distribution APC AP8953
Output Voltage
Input Voltage Range
200-230 V
Output Connector
21 x IEC-320-C13
3 x IEC-320-C19
Input Connector
32A 2P + E
Input Frequency
Maximum Input Current
Power Cord Length
Additional Features
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